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Personal Training

personal training AdelaideImprove Your Health with Personal Training

A regular exercise routine including strength and cardio workouts will help strengthen and condition your musculoskeletal system, developing muscle tone and endurance.

Personal Training can help you achieve your goals by keeping you accountable and providing the knowledge, motivation and support you need. We monitor your progress with regular reviews and assessments and offer you guidance with your nutrition to maximise your results.

Group Personal Training
This interactive workout suits all fitness levels is fun and delivers fast results!
Enjoy the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the price combined with the motivation that comes from being part of a group.

What are the costs?
There are no membership or joining fees, just ‘per session’ pricing with options to pay as you go or buy ‘blocks’.

How often do I need to train?
Most of our current clients complete between 1-3 training sessions each week depending on their goals, budget, and availability. Training sessions are offered in 1 hour or 30 minute time slots.